Caroline Van Steenberge

Co-founder &
Miss Content

internship in Business Development + Searching

Brussel – DansaertWijk

04 / 09 / 2019

From the uni(versity) benches to the work trenches.

Make it a smooth transition and learn new hard & soft skills during your internship in Digital Marketing at Steve Skills.

Who are we?

Steve Skills is a content & story telling driven innovative and strongly growing recruitment boutique located in Brussels’ vibrant Dansaert area. Our mission is “Boosting Professional Energy”.

What’s the job & what will I learn?

Together with Miss Content & our Marketing Swiss Knife , you will:

  • Work on the Digital Marketing Plan
  • Focusedly execute it one step at the time
  • Build, develop & implement marketing campaigns
  • Develop your scripting, writing & story telling skills
  • Let your business creativity lose to create new relevant content formats
  • Work on existing content formats
  • Manage several projects at the same & prioritise tasks under pressure
  • Develop an eye for detail & ensure high quality of work
  • Analyse & optimise results
  • Last but not least: realise working for a company with a mission is the key to professional energy. Always good to know for future choices. ; )

You’ll get the most out of our internship,

if you’re:

  • A curious open-mind with a passion for Marketing
  • Analytical, creative & eager to learn
  • Solution Minded & goal oriented
  • Digitally proficient
  • Driven & cheerful
  • Speak: NL and/or FR + English

Please contact Caroline Van Steenberge for extra info and/or to book a meeting.

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