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Legal interim management

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You are a Legal Interim Manager, relax, we’ve got your back. Looking for a new challenge, a career switch or sound market career advice? Read our value proposition.

The Why

As Interim Manager, you are firefighting the whole time.

It can get lonely due to lack of transparency, little feedback, too much transactional, not a real family community or missing a branding machine to attract new missions.

You are not alone. We are happy to assist you in your search of new short or long term-, part- or full-time missions.

Lead generator

Let’s scratch our backs together

[ kas’keιd ]

noun: Cascade is a process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on.

01. What

Cascade is Steve Skills’ dedicated & curated Lead Generator Programme.

02. Why

Our mission at Steve Skills is #BoostingProfessionalEnergy. To amplify this, we welcome like-minded Independent Professionals transmitting a cascade of legal market information and know-how to our dedicated team in exchange for financial reward.

03. How

Cascade is based on mutual trust. We treat people the way we’d like to be treated. You work hard for your professional reputation. So do we. A member of our team will be your dedicated contact person.

“There is a difference between
knowing the path
and walking the path.”

— Morpheus in the Matrix  —

We value your opinion

Everyday we want to become better than yesterday. We are grateful for your constructive feedback to help us #BoostingProfessionalEnergy!