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About Steve Skills

Steve is about
jobs skills!

The why

You say ‘recruitment’, we say ‘jobs’.

You say ‘jobs’, we say ‘Steve’.

Difference is: we don’t only focus on jobs,

we focus on you and your skills.

You see the sparks in our logo?

They represent our mission: #BoostingProfessionalEnergy.

Everybody has skills and it is our job to make yours shine.

The Who

A family affair

Steve Skills is founded by Bernard & Caroline Van Steenberge, brother & sister with complementary skills. Bernard is in charge of Business and Caroline focuses on Marketing.

Bernard obtained a Master of Laws at UGent and an MBA at Solvay Business School. In addition, he has built up in-depth expertise through various leadership roles within an international recruitment & selection firm in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Caroline obtained a Master in Art History at K.U.Leuven and has professional experience in Art insurance followed by a first entrepreneurial experience in E-commerce.

Their focus is to create a 360° skills agency offering a seamless service in continuous learning, career guidance and niche- recruitment fuelled by their mission of #BoostingProfessionalEnergy.

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The How

Our values




Steve Skills team

Our trained specialists

Recruitment is a métier. At Steve Skills, we have the expertise, a team with solid academic and professional backgrounds in Legal and an extensive network combined with an open, direct yet constructive feedback culture. .

Louis Clarys

Louis Clarys

Legal Talent Specialist

Ségolène Geeraert

Ségolène Geeraert

Legal Talent Specialist

Catherine Weerts

Catherine Weerts

Legal Talent Specialist

join us

We are looking for like-minded people
with a solid academic background & a serious knack for People Business & Sales.

#Our Manifesto


We treat you like we’d like to be treated.


We are analytical.


We exercise our métier with precision & conscientiously


We have your best interest at heart.


We give direct & constructive feedback.


We respond within 24 business hours.


We are transparent.
What you see is what you get.


We’ve sworn the Hippocratic oath
for non-doctors.


We like a good laugh.


We breathe our mission of 

#Boosting Professional Energy. 

Are you ready to work with us?
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