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About Steve Skills

Steve is about
jobs skills!

The why

You say ‘recruitment’, we say ‘jobs’.

You say ‘jobs’, we say ‘Steve’.

Difference is: we don’t only focus on jobs,

we focus on you and your skills.

You see the sparks in our logo?

They represent our mission: #BoostingProfessionalEnergy.

Everybody has skills and it is our job to make yours shine.

The Who

A family affair

Steve Skills is founded by Bernard & Caroline Van Steenberge, brother & sister with complementary skills. Bernard is in charge of Business and Caroline focuses on Marketing.

Bernard obtained a Master of Laws at UGent and an MBA at Solvay Business School. In addition, he has built up in-depth expertise through various leadership roles within an international recruitment & selection firm in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Caroline obtained a Master in Art History at K.U.Leuven and has professional experience in Art insurance followed by a first entrepreneurial experience in E-commerce.

Their focus is to create a 360° skills agency offering a seamless service in continuous learning, career guidance and niche- recruitment fuelled by their mission of #BoostingProfessionalEnergy.

#Recruitment #MBA #E-commerce #CandidateCentricity #Brother&Sister #PeopleBusiness #360°SkillsAgency

The How

Our values




Steve Skills team

Our trained specialists

Recruitment is a métier. At Steve Skills, we have the expertise, a team with solid academic and professional backgrounds in Legal and an extensive network combined with an open, direct yet constructive feedback culture. .

Louis Clarys

Louis Clarys

Legal Talent Specialist

Ségolène Geeraert

Ségolène Geeraert

Legal Talent Specialist

Yolente Tack

Yolente Tack

Legal Talent Specialist

Catherine Weerts

Catherine Weerts

Legal Talent Specialist

join us

We are looking for like-minded people
with a solid academic background & a serious knack for People Business & Sales.

#Our Manifesto


We treat you like we’d like to be treated.


We are analytical.


We exercise our métier with precision & conscientiously


We have your best interest at heart.


We give direct & constructive feedback.


We respond within 24 business hours.


We are transparent.
What you see is what you get.


We’ve sworn the Hippocratic oath
for non-doctors.


We like a good laugh.


We breathe our mission of 

#Boosting Professional Energy. 

Are you ready to work with us?
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