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what is steve Skills ?

Your 360° Legal Skills Agency

focused on you & your professional journey.

We are specialised in permanent positions &

Legal Interim Management,

career coaching, soft skills training

and personal branding.

our mission


What we do

Our tailor-made services

We are a human centered company, not a company with automated e-mails. Contact us, book a call and let us know how we can help you.

Permanent Jobs

Take a look at our jobs in the spotlight and contact us for more opportunities.

Interim Management

Join our Club of interim (legal) managers. Contact us for practical details.

Soft Skills Training

Follow an itinerary to online training courses, either individual or in-house, given by hand-picked experts..

Career Coaching

Let us help you stand out from the crowd. We listen, analyse and give you tailored feedback. We do Career Branding, e.g. written and video CV.
For whom

Legal professionals

Whether you are looking for a permanent position or an Interim Management assignment, to make a career change or a change in corporate culture, we are here to guide you through the jungle of jobs and legal skills.

#Our Assets


Dedicated consultants with legal training


A clear, fast and responsive process


A solid team with strong values and analytical skills


Career coaching support


Consulting in terms of remuneration


Effective marketing


Help with CV writing


Optional recording of a video CV


Support for skills development

#Our Oath

  1. Candidate first, always.
  2. Fast, correct & direct communication.
  3. Straightforward, open and clear process.
  4. Feedback, always!
  5. Do what you say & say what you do.
  6. Equality, inclusion & diversity are our compass.
  7. There is no box.
  8. All ways lead to Rome. But we take a short cut.
  9. We’ve sworn the Hippocratic oath for non-doctors.
  10. Boosting your professional energy is our lifejacket.